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2019 Hall of Fame

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2019 Hall of Fame Award

The National Waste & Recycling Association’s Hall of Fame Award is the preeminent industry recognition. The Award is presented annually to select industry visionaries and icons that have created an enduring legacy through their inspirational leadership, core values and significant contributions. The 2019 Inductees will join 200+ inductees from 1986-2018 who have helped guide, build and transform the Industry into what it is today.

Judging Criteria

Hall of Fame Award nominations will be considered by the Association’s Board of Trustees based on the following criteria.  Nominations should include specific examples of significant contributions by the Nominee in the following areas:

  • Recognition within the industry as a founder, pioneer, visionary or icon

  • Enduring legacy and impact of contributions to the industry for a minimum of 25 years

  • Steadfast values such as integrity, respect, courage, mentorship, volunteerism, and inclusiveness

  • Inspirational leadership at a service provider or supplier, or on issues important to the Association

  • Active industry engagement and service as an Ambassador of the industry

Instructions for the Nominator

Please provide detailed and complete information. Do not assume that the Awards Committee will fully know a Nominee’s contributions or character. The Committee will consider no more than five letters of recommendation per Nominee. The Committee also requests that nominations describe any relevant Association involvement. Nominations should include specific examples of significant contributions by the Nominee in each of the five judging criteria.

The Committee will present a select number of individuals to the Board of Trustees for consideration as 2016 Hall of Fame Award recipients. There is no pre-determined number of inductees in a given year.

Completing the Application

All applications will be received online.  Please complete each section in full and add sheets where necessary. To be considered, nomination forms and letters of recommendation must be received by December 15, 2018.

Nominations should include specific examples of significant contributions in key areas, such as:

  • Strong and sustained environmental stewardship
  • Innovation in manufacturing, equipment, product design or process
  • Involvement and advancemnet of the Association and industry standards, practices or reputation or other prominent area
  • Design and implementation of inventive business practices with dramatic results
  • Achievements in establishing model employer/employee relations
  • Progressive safety policies, trainings and operations
  • Early adopter of advances in science, engineering and alternative technologies
  • Proven record as a civic, community and philanthropic leader
  • Advocacy that imporved public perception of the industry or sentiment on issues that are important to the industry
  • Effective engagement in the legislative and regulatory process

Please contact Spencer Brignac with any questions about the nominations process at: 202-364-3709 or sbrignac@wasterecycling.org.

Applications are due December 15, 2018.